“Immobilienwirtschaft” chooses Matthias Böning as “Head of the Year”

Published by “Immobilienwirtschaft”, trade journal for management

Matthias Böning, CEO of mfi management für immobilien AG, has been voted one of the property heads of 2011 at EXPO Real in Munich.
The award has been presented by the trade journal Immobilienwirtschaft for eight years now. A top-class jury consisting of renowned real estate journalists such as Rainer Reichel (Handelsblatt), Steffen Uttich (FAZ) and Ruth Vierbuchen (Handelsimmobilienreport) selected a total of twelve “Heroes of the Year”. In the category “Heroes in Retail(s)”, Böning received the award alongside Alain Caparros (REWE), Rolf Elgeti (TAG Immobilien) and Ingrid Matthäus-Maier (Commission “Living in Old Age”).