Tannenbusch Center Bonn

A dark passage, orphaned shops, rejectionist facades, amusement arcade. This is how the Tannenbusch Center in Bonn presents itself in 2014. A Dead Mall. B & G demolish the passage and create a one-hip development with high, fresh facades towards new parking spaces. They convert and expand, give the center a new face, open up spaces to the street and bus and train stops, rent and re-rent all shops, create planning and building rights and after only 16 months sell a fully rented retail park to AXA and a parcel of land to Deutsche Reihen Haus. Value Creation at its best.

Services B&G

Obtaining building permits with exemptions

Carry out outdoor competition

Leadership of project team with planners and construction

Controlling rental, negotiating rental agreements and concluding MV contracts

Service Provider/Partner

Nps Architects

CBRE Preuss Valteq Project Management

CBRE Rental

Hackel Engineers

Intec plan


Client: AXA Investment Managers
Type: Open High Street Center
Size: 12.000 qm
Anchor tenant: Superdry, H&M, ARKET
Period of time: 2014-2018
Capex: 15 Mio € in several renovation sections


25. September 2018


Erweiterung, Refurbishment, Revitalisierung, Teilumbau