Shops open their doors

The construction site of the Tannenbusch Centre was as busy on Wednesday afternoon as it was in 1 a beehive. In the new passage craftsmen installed the last lamps, on the canopies at the Oppelner Straße cables had to be laid. The dealers have been loading goods onto their shelves for a few days now. This Thursday is the starting point: In addition to the Kaufland, which has been open since June, the Tannenbuscher heart is once again alive with shops, cafes and restaurants.

The mobile phone salesman sat in his new chair and – of course – played with his mobile phone. Everything was ready except for the signs “Handy 77″. I’m looking forward to being able to open it again,” said Sebastian Rösner. Before the demolition, the store was in principle opposite where new parking spaces were being created. Household goods, food, textiles, multimedia articles and much more will be on sale on Thursday. Ernsting’s Family and Kik with Mo-de and Deichmann with shoes will also be opening. “We are satisfied. We only started in March,” said Matthias Böning, project developer for the owner, Promontoria Rebound, from the Netherlands. In recent months, he has invested a mid double-digit million amount in the newly designed business centre including Kaufland. According to Böning, everything had fallen a little behind schedule, although the cold had also played a role. Ultimately, the target of being ready before Christmas was met. After opening the next morning, however, the bakery did not yet look “heavenly” with its large glass front over three corners. The Schrei-ner gave everything for the finishing touches in the confusion. Owner Habidin Kekec was happy and proud that the event was about to start. Baked goods and cakes come from Bonn’s craft businesses: “We make hamburgers, pizza and pasta ourselves at noon,” he said. In summer you can sit outside, as well as in front of the ice cream cafe Dolimiti, the chicken restaurant and the Asian restaurant. But they don’t open until the new year. The square is now open to Oppelner Straße, which is also being redesigned. The city library can soon be reached through the passage. On 1300 square meters there are 25 shops at the end. I find the appearance very beautiful,” said Claudia Schnitzler, who has lived in the town for 30 years, about the many glasses. She is sceptical as to whether it remains clean in the social environment. In contrast to the gloomy old row of shops, she dares to go there again in the evening. According to Böning, the same goes for the old Boss furniture: the Deutsche Reihenhaus AG bought the land to build single-family and multi-family houses. The line with Commerzbank will be redesigned in 2018. Many Tannenbuscher would then still like to see the Sparkasse embellished.

General Anzeiger Neueröffnung Tannenbusch Center

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